Auguste Cryogenics expands production capacity significantly

Auguste Cryogenics acquires a 15.000 m2 production hall and additional R&D laboratory facilities in Slovakia. This marks a significant extension of its manufacturing complex, responding to the strength and requirements of the marketplace. Demand for bulk Liquid Hydrogen storage, abundant Liquefied Natural Gas applications and large scale atmospheric gas storage applications are growing rapidly and Auguste Cryogenics is pleased to meet the challenge of this increasing demand by expanding its production capacities. “Our European customers believe in new alternate fuel technology as the safest path to long term energy security. We are investing to keep pace with these companies’ demands…

Auguste Cryogenics announces completion of rebranding

Auguste Cryogenics is proud to announce the successful implementation of its rebranding strategy with the renaming of its member companies Taylor-Wharton Slovakia s.r.o. and Taylor-Wharton Germany GmbH to Auguste Cryogenics Slovakia s.r.o. and Auguste Cryogenics Germany GmbH, respectively. This step creates a “single identity” for the Company’s worldwide business and strengthens its brand prominence within the cryogenic industry.

Auguste Cryogenics Enters Long Term Agreement with Taylor-Wharton as Exclusive Distributor of Liquid Cylinders in Europe

Auguste Cryogenics has signed a long-term liquid cylinder distribution agreement with Taylor-Wharton, an Air Water Inc. company. Under this new agreement, Auguste Cryogenics becomes the exclusive distributor for Europe, Russia and Israel of Taylor-Wharton’s extensive line of gas and liquid withdrawal cylinders. Auguste Cryogenics will employ its expansive German warehouse, sales, technical expertise and as manufacturer/importer of record will sell and deliver according to the Directive 2010/35/EU (TPED) these quality products to the biotech, medical and industrial gas industries.

Taylor-Wharton European Operations Launch New Identity and New Mission

Auguste Cryogenics SK s.r.o. has acquired Taylor-Wharton International’s European Operations which includes a cryogenic pressure vessel manufacturing facility, Taylor-Wharton Slovakia s.r.o., and the related warehouse/office complex of Taylor-Wharton Germany GmbH. All employees have been retained and the facilities shall continue to operate under the Taylor-Wharton brand while undergoing a name change to Auguste Cryogenics. The newly restructured management team will be led by its President, Bobby Cushman, an industry veteran who has been working with the company since 2012 and General Manager, Alex Soltis, who has been a committed leader in the company’s operation for over 15 years.