Liquid Cylinders

The XL line storage and transport cylinders for liquefied gas represent import components of the Auguste Cryogenics product portfolio. These pressure vessels are manufactured by Taylor-Wharton Malaysia to the design and specification held by Auguste Cryogenics. The trusted products have been successfully operating throughout Europe and all over the world for decades.

The inner and outer vessel are constructed of top grade stainless steel. The ultra-low evaporation rates are ensured by a special super insulation and the Auguste Cryogenics GOLD standard vacuum technology.

Of course all cylinders in the AC XL line of liquid cylinders comply with the European Directive 2010/35/EU for transportable pressure equipment (TPED), making them flexible and valuable elements in the liquefied gases supply chain in various industrial, medical, research and food production applications.

Series XL 70 to XL 240
These cylinders are transportable units, designed and built to rugged construction standards that are intended to be carried full. They are engineered for either low-pressure applications of cryogenic filling and liquid dispensing or high-pressure gas distribution. All units feature quick and easy liquid withdrawal.

Series XL 45 to XL 65
This series of road-transportable cylinders feature an automatic pressure-building circuit. There is also an integrated economizer circuit that helps reduce and control overflow gas consumption. All designed to help conserve gas during low demand periods and build up pressure quickly for peak demand.

The Auguste Cryogenic XL series is the GOLD standard for industrial gas liquid cylinder performance.