Sales Team

Sales Slovakia

Viktor Sabo| Senior Sales Manager | Auguste Cryogenics Slovakia

Viktor Sabo

Mr. Sabo is Head Of Energy Sales in Košice.

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Sales Germany

Nils Wittig | Auguste Cryogenics Germany

Nils Wittig

Mr. Wittig has earned the title of Dipl. Chem. from the University of Essen. He has been working in sales for more than 15 years now. Nils joined the team of Auguste Cryogenics in 2013 and now is Head of Sales as well as Branch Manager in the Husum office.

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Christoph Voigts | Auguste Cryogenics Germany

Christoph Voigts

Mr. Voigts has a degree as Dipl. Phys. from university. He joined the company that has become Auguste Cryogenics more than 30 years ago and has thus acquired invaluable knowledge of the cryogenic industry.

Christoph Voigts is officially retired, but still acts as Advisor and Sales Support to the Auguste Cryogenics team.


Oliver Hähnel | Auguste Cryogenics Germany

Oliver Hähnel

Mr. Hähnel studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Heide, Germany, where he earned his degree. He is a certified Project Management Specialist and has been working in several project management and sales positions in the past 15 years.

Oliver joined Auguste Cryogenics in October 2019. He is Senior Sales Manager in the Husum office.

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Boris Hohnsbehn | Auguste Cryogenics Germany

Boris Hohnsbehn

Mr. Hohnsbehn is a wholesale and foreign trade merchant, working in sales departments for more than 10 years in different industries. His main focus is the Auguste Cryogenics Medical Family of aluminum vessels and the Auguste Cryogenics Liquid Cylinders.

Boris joined the staff at the Husum office in December 2019 as Sales Manager.

Phone +49 4841 985-124 | eMail