SCS Bulk Tanks

Auguste Cryogenics has been a leading manufacturer of bulk tanks in Europe for more than 50 years. Discover the possibilities of our optimized SCS.1 vertical tanks, the HSCS horizontal vessels and the SCS-LNG vessels for the developing energy sector based on liquefied natural gas.



Supplying the expanding market for alternative energy, Auguste Cryogenics manufacures the highly successful line of SCS-LNG Bulk Tanks. These vessels are designed to safely store liquefied natural gas (LNG) at very low temperatures of -162 °C (-260 F) with mininal product loss rates.


SCS-LH2 Tanks

Building vessels to store liquid hydrogen is the most demanding task in our industry. The tanks have to fulfill the highest demand on quality and craftsmanship. The Auguste Cryogenics Liquid Hydrogen tanks excel all expectations and are built to the highest standards of quality and safety.



If you need a flexible solution for storing cryogenic gases in an economic way, our microBulk tanks are just what you are looking for. The transportable, versatile vessels perfectly fit in your gas supply chain, e.g. in medical, industrial, research or food processing environments.


Liquid Cylinders

Group photo of XL vessels

Designed for the low pressure requirements of liquid gas filling, storing and dispensing, the performance of our Liquid Cylinders has been setting the industry standard for decades now. LCs offer a flexible solution for many applications and are compliant to the TPED regulations.


Medical Family

The AC Medical Family products are aluminum insulated vessels. These products have been engineered for maximum hold time and low nitrogen consumption. The light weight dewars are protected with our GOLD standard vacuum integrity and multilayer Super Insulation technology.