The vessels in the Auguste Cryogenics SCS-LNG product line are specifically designed to safely store liquified natural gas (LNG) at the extremely low temperature of -162 °C (-260 F). Minimal temperature fluctuations and product loss are ensured by high-quality vacuum/perlite or vacuum/multi-layer insulation.

Our cryogenic storage tanks for LNG are optimized and produced for all sorts of mass and satellite installations and regasification stations with a special emphasis on security and easy and economical operation.

These special tanks are available in vertical and horizonal configuration. All our tanks are built to the highest industrial standards and fulfill international norms. The final layout of the piping, made from top quality stainless steel, is individually configured to the re-quirements of the customer.

Our goal is simple – to build a better LNG vessel every day. Safety is unmistakable in our engineering detail and safety is firmly rooted in our selection of high quality compo-nents and manufacturing processes.

Performance comes from an industry best vacuum technology designed for extreme temperatures, applications and environments. Performance that has been forged by our proven track record in vehicle fueling stations, regasification plants and bunkering facilities.

  • Designed, engineered and manufactured to satisfy toughest safety requirements
  • Superior vacuum technology for the highest thermal performance
  • Multiple configurations for vast range of stationary applications
  • Easy to operate and maintain with ergonomically accessible valves and instruments
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel piping, valves and lifting lugs
  • Durable protective coating resistant to highly aggressive industrial environment.
  • In-house certified passive fire protection (PFP) coating available
  • Standard dual safety relief devices 
  • Built in accordance with EN 13458 directive (PED 2014/68/EU)