Team Leads

Sales (Germany)

Nils Wittig | Auguste Cryogenics Germany

Nils Wittig

Mr. Wittig has earned the title of Dipl. Chem. from the University of Essen. He has been working in sales for more than 15 years now. Nils joined the team of Auguste Cryogenics in 2013 and now is Head of Sales as well as Branch Manager in the Husum office.

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Roman Zdechovan

Mr. Zdechovan graduated at military technical university at Brno Czech Republic in 1998. He started his industrial career as machine designer of pressure vessels and road transport tankers.

He has been part of the Auguste Cryogenics Team since 2001 and he had been leading the engineering group since 2004 as Engineering Manager. In 2018 he moved on to the position of Global Technical Director.

Customer Service

Tatiana Tomasova

Tatiana Tomasova

Mrs. Tomasova has joined the team of Auguste Cryogenics in 2010. Since 2010 she has been leading the department of Customer Service for both Cryoscience and Bulk Tank business of Auguste Cryogenics. She is involved in performing regular internal company audits as she holds a certificate as an internal auditor of quality management according to ISO 9001:2008.


Katarina Mullerova

Mrs. Mullerova has started her career in Auguste Cryogenics in 2009 as a Chief accountant and since 2010 she has been in the position of Finance manager.


Jozef Ferenc

Mr. Ferenc joined the ranks of Auguste Cryogenics in 2002 as a Maintanance manager with an extended responsibilities in areas of safety, environment, investment and facility expansion. Since 2004 he has been in the position of Operations manager.


Rastislav Majernicek

Mr. Majernicek joined ranks of Auguste Cryogenics in 2003 and from 2013 has been leading Auguste Cryogenics’ department of Quality.

Solvei Domeyer – Auguste Cryogenics Germany:

Solvei Domeyer

Mrs. Domeyer started her career in 2003 as accountant and administrator. Since 2006 she has been part of the quality department, per 2010 as safety representative for medical devices.

In 2018 she moved on to the position of Quality Compliance Manager ACG.


Jan Folta

Mr. Folta has joined the ranks of Auguste Cryogenics in 2007 and since 2008 leads the department of Procurement.

Marketing, Communications & IT

Jan Steenbuck – Auguste Cryogenics Germany

Jan Steenbuck

Mr. Steenbuck has been working in marketing since 1991 when he founded his first small advertising agency. When the internet began to develop he was among the first to exploit that new field and has been in digital and online marketing ever since.

Jan joined Auguste Cryogenics in Husum in May 2018 as Head of Marketing, Communications & IT.

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