Experience the reliability and convenience of Auguste Cryogenics microBULK tanks. The Auguste Cryogenics microbulk product line offers an alternative to high-pressure and liquid cylinder distribution in an easy to install and easy to operate platform. Expertly designed and built for safety and performance, these vessels provide uninteruptable supply of liquified technical gases. Auguste Cryogenics encorporates the GOLD standard of vacuum technology for maxium hold time and protects that vacuum integrity with a 5 year warranty.

The AC microBULK product line offers MBC (MicroBulk) tanks between 1,000 and 3,000 liter capacity that are fully PED compliant. The TCC (Transportable Cold Converters) vessels are available in 750 and 1,000 liters. These tanks are equipped with a stainless steel frame for extra protection and optimized transportability. The TCC vessels are TPED approved.

On-site microbulk storage from Auguste Cryogenics helps you maximize safety, quality and efficiency in your operations:
• Mode change – no more swapping full-for-empty cylinder handling
• Dedicated cylinder set up for your application
• Permanent connection, perfectly dialed in Pressure Building regulator
• Product Range from high pressure gas to low pressure liquid delivery
• Built around application unlike high pressure bottle or liquid cylinder
• Ideal for liquid withdrawal (esp. when tied into AC Medical family of products)
• Right sized for 1 fill per week or 1 fill per month simplifying inventory management
• With right sizing no need for excess cylinder inventory (leads to vent loss)
• Accurate contents gauge and ability to digitally tie into SCADA system or telemetry remote
monitoring to eliminate emergency deliveries by monitor and report status and fill needs
• Proactive delivery of consistent high purity liquid to eliminate potential contamination
• “Universal” fill system is compatible with all microbulk and bulk delivery transports

Why buy Auguste Cryogenics microbulk?
Because Auguste Cryogenics knows cryogenics customers’ needs and has provided quality products for over 50 years. The microbulk product line features:
• Standard sizes between 750 to 3,000 liters and working pressures of up to 37 bar.
• Quality Materials: Durable stainless steel, super insulated, digital gauges.
• Automatic fill shut-off: Functions with most microbulk delivery trucks.
• Reliable: Built to last, 5 year vacuum warranty.
• Telemetry Ready: Plug into your network or build new to suitCBULK