Medical Family Freezers

With the AC BIO | AC IVF series, Auguste Cryogenics presents the new freezers of the AC Medical Family.

Auguste Cryogenics developed the stainless steel containers in this series from the ground up using state-of-the-art technology. They are specially designed for the safe and economical long-term storage of larger sample quantities and are therefore used in the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals and research.

The vacuum-insulated products come with Auguste Cryogenics’ GOLD-standard vacuum and offer a remarkably high storage capacity in a clear, smooth-running aluminum storage system on one level for the AC BIO series and two levels for the AC IVF series. The containers of both series are characterized by very low nitrogen consumption at a stable storage temperature, which almost reaches the cold level of liquid nitrogen even in the gas phase.

The lid of the container opens easily and wide, allowing easy access to the contents. It is convenient to clean and is equipped with a control switch that, in addition to an “open lid” detection, can also send other control signals, for example for automatic demisting or rapid cooling.
Auguste Cryogenics Medical Family Freezer Series vessels can be supplied with automatic filling and control systems to ensure a regulated supply of cryogenic liquid nitrogen and continuous monitoring.

For both the AC BIO and AC IVF containers the approval according to the European Medical Devices Directive MDR 2017/745 has been applied for.