About Us

Auguste Cryogenics, which traces its roots back to 1742 and the legacy of the Taylor-Wharton family, operates a manufacturing facility in Košice, Slovakia and a technology & warehouse complex in Husum, Germany.

The Husum, Germany manufacturing and engineering facility was opened in 1965 and has been in continuous operation since that time. The campus now serves as a distribution warehouse, medical device testing center and western Europe sales office.

In 2001 production shifted to Košice, Slovakia and has built a reputation as one of Europe’s top manufacturers and innovators with a commitment to satisfy customers’ needs by providing quality cryogenic vessels safely, environmentally-friendly, and on-time.

The extensive Auguste Cryogenics product range includes cryogenic bulk tanks, micro-bulk tanks, transportable liquid cylinders, LNG (liquefied natural gas) storage and application systems and cryogenic beverage carbonation vessels. No matter the application (LIN/LOX/LAR, LNG, CO2 or NO2) our products feature low evaporation rates, ergonomic final assembly layouts and carefully selected components. Vessels range in size from 70 liter to 350,000 liter.

Our facility is ISO 9001 registered through TUV SUD and utilize key quality performance indicators to track trends and assure a consistently high level of quality across all products and all locations. Customer issues are entered into a database that is reviewed monthly. Non-conformance and Corrective / Preventative Action programs are used to minimize exposure to current stock and future product when deficiencies are noted.

On-Time Delivery is tracked to both original promise date and customer requested date; this information is analysed to improve performance throughout the supply chain.

We approach technical innovation and R&D via Voice of the Customer (VOC). We have R&D resources imbedded in our engineering and product management groups. Our team collectively maintains several patents in the cryogenics industry. Our R&D efforts are currently working in several areas that could benefit the energy and industrial gas marketplaces by improving the safety, the ease of operation and improve the efficiency of the global cryogenic infrastructure build up.

The company has widespread experience in the design and manufacturing of LNG storage systems for storage, regasification, bunkering and marine fuels. We have provided various Front End Engineering Design work and complete propulsion systems fo shore to ship fresh water vessels (green water), inland waterways (brown water) and ocean going vessels (blue water). In recent years the company has even provided designs for underground storage and dispensing applications. With our patented pump-in-tank dispensing system we can offer low gas dispersion, highly safe send out systems for a variety of refueling operations.

Auguste Cryogenics has a strong commitment to employee safety. We strictly conform to the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work and strive to provide safe and productive work environments. The first issue on every meeting agenda is the safety of the men and women of our company.