Medical Family Aluminum Dewars

Auguste Cryogenics introduces their new AC Medical Family product line of aluminum insulated vessels.

This family of products has been engineered for maximum hold time and low nitrogen consumption. Static hold times range from 3 weeks to greater than 12 weeks depending on the design specifics. These light weight dewars are protected with the GOLD standard vacuum integrity and multilayer Super Insulation technology.

Auguste Cryogenics offers a complete system for your cryo-preservation requirements. Best in class Microbulk and liquid cylinder storage solutions can be integrated into a complete nitrogen supply network. Our AC Medical vessels support every industry from livestock breeding, medical, pharmaceutical and various industrial applications such as food processing or cryo-tempering. Depending on the application and temperature requirements the biological material can be stored in the liquid phase or in the vapour phase of the vessel‘s reservoir.

  • The L, XL and 2XL models differ in the neck opening diameter and are configured for high capacity storage of tissue fragments in sterilized straws. The 2XL and 3XL series with still bigger neck tube diameters are designed for racking systems which are suitable for vials and specimen bag inventory systems.
  • The T designation denotes a special ruggedized version that conforms to ADR regulations for the transportation of the contents on public roads or rail systems.
    The vessels in the LIN lineup are used for storage and distribution of small quantities of liquid nitrogen as needed.
  • The DS dry shipper product line completes the AC Medical Family. The vessels are equipped with special material that completely absorbs the nitrogen so no liquid remains in the container for safe shipment by road, rail and air without any risk of spilling. Each vessel in the AC Medical DS line meets the ADR requirements.

All vessels of the Auguste Cryogenics Medical Family can be designated as Class IIa MDD medical products compliant with the European Unions Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC Appendix IX.