SCS ENERGY | LH2 Bulk Tanks

Auguste Cryogenics is proud to be one of the very few certified liquefied hydrogen pressure vessel manufacturers worldwide.

Liquid hydrogen (LH2) is one of the coldest and most sensitive fluids known to exist. Most materials become brittle at such extreme temperatures. Therefore, we pride ourselves in innovative safety standards and design elements to satisfy -253°C (-423°F) conditions. Our engineering solutions incorporate the latest “structural necessity” and the GOLD STANDARD vacuum technology to lead the industry.

All Auguste Cryogenics’ LH2 storage vessels are designed and manufactured to European code EN 13458 following PED 2014/68/EU guidelines. This equipment directive is comprised of strict rules for flammable gases.

Our LH2 vessels can fit a range of applications from vehicle fueling stations to electronic and semiconductor manufacturing processes. New storage requirement are emerging within the Energy Industry and our expertise helps us to lead the way in building a better vessel every day.

The unique technology behind these products is very sensitive. Please contact us to learn more.