Auguste Cryogenics announces completion of rebranding

Auguste Cryogenics is proud to announce the successful implementation of its rebranding strategy with the renaming of its member companies Taylor-Wharton Slovakia s.r.o. and Taylor-Wharton Germany GmbH to Auguste Cryogenics Slovakia s.r.o. and Auguste Cryogenics Germany GmbH, respectively. This step creates a “single identity” for the Company’s worldwide business and strengthens its brand prominence within the cryogenic industry.

“Since 1965 our member companies have passionately advanced the European cryogenic industry,” says Auguste Cryogenics President, Bobby Cushman. “Consolidating under the Auguste Cryogenics brand signifies our commitment to our brand promise and sends a strong signal of reliability to the market. The voice of our customer is at the heart of our mission to build a better vessel every day.”

Auguste Cryogenics’ Board of Directors established this integration plan in 2016. The Company’s leadership team has worked tirelessly to ensure every step of the rebranding process is centered around enhancing the quality of the customer experience. “We have converted or maintained all operational certifications and financial instruments with the Auguste brand and have heavily invested in our infrastructure over the past two years. From our valued customers’ perspective, we are bringing more solutions than ever before,” says General Manager, Alex Soltis.

The renaming will be accompanied by a complete rebranding of products and communications. The new Auguste Cryogenics logo reflects the Company’s commitment to excellence in all of its operations and building the GOLD standard of service and quality in cryogenic storage equipment.

About Auguste Cryogenics
Auguste Cryogenics owns and operates an ISO 9001 manufacturing hub in Kosice, Slovakia, where the Company produces Bulk and Microbulk cryogenic storage vessels of up to 350,000 liters capacity and modular piping skids serving the industrial gas and energy markets. The Company’s healthcare and packaged gas distribution center is located in Husum, Germany near the international sea port and airport of Hamburg. The German facility serves as the Western European sales office and product development center.

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