Auguste Cryogenics ships 200th LNG vessel

200th LNG vessel by Auguste Cryogenics, delivered to and installed by techGAS s.c., Poland.
200th LNG vessel by Auguste Cryogenics

In the company’s unwavering pursuit of excellence, Auguste Cryogenics has delivered its 200th LNG storage tank designed and manufactured in Kosice, Slovakia.  Each of these double-walled pressure vessels is insulated with the company’s GOLD STANDARD vacuum technology and has varied in capacity from 11,000 liters up to 255,000 liters. The hallmark vessel, Number 200, was shipped to Poland where TECH-GAS s.c. has installed it at an industrial production facility that will use natural gas to generate clean, inexpensive power.  

Safety is unmistakable in Auguste’s engineering detail as each of these 200 vessels has been designed for extreme temperatures, tough environmental conditions, and high performance.   The tanks have become a trustworthy component in vehicle fueling stations, regasification plants, bunkering infrastructure, marine propulsion, and portable delivery systems.     

Alex Soltis, Auguste Cryogenics General Manager, said “Congratulations to our highly skilled workforce!  There are no short cuts to quality and they are proving that all day, every day.”