Taylor-Wharton European Operations Launch New Identity and New Mission

To our valued customers, suppliers and industry partners,

Auguste Cryogenics SK s.r.o. has acquired Taylor-Wharton International’s European Operations which includes a cryogenic pressure vessel manufacturing facility, Taylor-Wharton Slovakia s.r.o., and the related warehouse/office complex of Taylor-Wharton Germany GmbH. All employees have been retained and the facilities shall continue to operate under the Taylor-Wharton brand while undergoing a name change to Auguste Cryogenics. The newly restructured management team will be led by its President, Bobby Cushman, an industry veteran who has been working with the company since 2012 and General Manager, Alex Soltis, who has been a committed leader in the company’s operation for over 15 years.

Taylor-Wharton originally opened its European Operations in 1965 built on their belief in a strong European market and a talented workforce. Their dedication to customer service and high quality products has shaped the company’s reputation for more than 50 years as a prominent member of Taylor-Wharton’s global family. The mission of the newly restructured company will be based on reinvesting in nimble processes and smart innovation so our customers can better serve their customers. “Taylor-Wharton’s global identity had been deeply rooted in the strength of the European manufacturing team,” said Mr. Cushman. “While we intend to transition the name to Auguste Cryogenics, we are not going to rewrite the history of this great company.”

From the manufacturing hub of Taylor-Wharton Slovakia s.r.o., the company will continue to produce Bulk and Microbulk cryogenic storage vessels and modular piping skids serving the industrial gas and energy markets. “Slovakia has become recognized worldwide for the exceptional quality of its products while maintaining competitive manufacturing rates,” said General Manager, Mr. Soltis. The 12,000m3 facility is ISO 9001 Certified and can design and build to the majority of the pressure vessel codes used in the global marketplace.

The company’s packaged gas distribution center is strategically located in Husum, Germany near a large international port. The German facility serves as the Western European sales office and the company’s product development workplace.

“We intend to be in a position to grow with our customers and to serve their needs in an evolving market,” added Mr. Cushman. The company will continue to produce portable and stationary packaged gas products up to 3000L and large bulk vacuum insulation pressure vessels up to 350m3. Our diverse European customer base includes the major industrial gas producers, regional independent gas distributors and natural gas energy and transportation providers.

The company also acquired access to all necessary intellectual property from Taylor-Wharton to operate the current production lines and to design and build certain technologies and equipment involved in the growing liquid natural gas supply chain. Mr. Soltis commented, “Our company and employees have far reaching LNG experience in stationary power, vehicle fueling, mine haul equipment and marine propulsion. This agreement allows us to invest and expand our product offerings.”

The new leadership team is honored to advance the legacy of previous generations of men and women of the Taylor-Wharton family and to continue the tradition of hard work and service dating back to 1742. They will devote themselves to building on historical successes and to deliver the highest value to their industry partners, promoting integrity and strong corporate social responsibility to the general public for years to come.

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