Liquid Hydrogen Storage Vessel Delivered

The Auguste Cryogenics Personnel in front of the 255,000 liter liquid hydrogen vessel
The 255,000 liter vessel on the heavy  transport truck, ready to leave the AC production hall.

Two enormous mobile cranes lift the LH2 vessel from the truck and onto it's prepared installation site.

Auguste Cryogenics delivers the company’s second jumbo liquid hydrogen storage tank. For this groundbreaking project, the 255m³ capacity vessel required innovative safety standards and design elements to satisfy -253°C (-423°F) storage conditions. Auguste’s GOLD STANDARD™ vacuum technology was critical in meeting the latest “structural necessity” standards.

The company became a member of the European Green Hydrogen Alliance in 2020 and completion of this vessel will support the EU’s hydrogen strategy. “We are proud to be a part of the push for European climate neutrality, and we are committed to investment, expansion, and leadership in hydrogen, natural gas, and other green technologies.” said Bobby Cushman, President of Auguste Cryogenics. “New storage applications are emerging within the Energy Industry and our expertise helps us create leading edge energy products.”

All Auguste Cryogenics’ LH2 storage vessels are designed and manufactured to European code EN 13458 following PED 2014/68/EU guidelines. This equipment directive is comprised of strict rules for flammable gases.

“The professional men and women of Auguste Cryogenics really showed off their dedication to safety, health and high quality manufacturing throughout the trials and sufferings of this global pandemic.” says General Manager Alex Šoltis. “We took extreme precaution to protect our people and our supply chain while delivering essential vessels for not only liquid hydrogen but also medical oxygen storage and liquid carbon dioxide for pharmaceutical grade dry ice.”

Auguste Cryogenics LH2 vessels can be designed to fit a range of applications for fuel cell technology, hydrogen generation, high horsepower propulsion systems and the electronics industry. The company’s dedication to expansion into new product lines and technologies will ensure AugusteCryogenics plays a pivotal role in this progressive transition of the energy infrastructure.

The vessel at it's final destination, ready for production