Information update 03/26/20

Through these challenging times, Auguste Cryogenics remains your trusted cryogenics storage equipment partner.

We are taking every course of action to protect the health of our people and their loved ones. We have staggered working hours and installed hygiene work procedures (with protective equipment and hygiene stations throughout the campus). We have invested in additional IT capability to allow many folks to work from home.

Traffic in and out of our facility is high, essential personnel, incoming raw material and finished cryogenic products. All traffic is monitored by both US Steel and Auguste Cryogenics for personal health and proper PPE. People who don’t meet the health guidelines or don’t have masks and gloves are turned away.

We constantly communicate with government officials, suppliers, and freight companies to manage our supply chain to the fullest of our ability. We will continue to provide our community and our customers weekly updates as new information unfolds.

Please contact us with questions or concerns at any time. Stay safe and healthy.

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