SCS-LH2 Tanks

Auguste Cryogenics is proud to be one of the very few manufacturers worldwide being able to build tanks for the safe storage of liquid hydrogen.

As hydrogen consists of the smallest molecules, all materials and processes in the creation of LH2 storage tanks have to fulfill the highest demands of quality and thoroughness. Auguste Cryogenics cooperates with leading suppliers of high quality steel, pipes and components and continously trains its staff in advanced manufacturing processes.

The Auguste Cryogenics in-house quality assurance makes sure that every step of the building process is closely monitored. The AC laboratory tests every single weld on the vessels, all tanks are x-rayed on site and undergo thorough helium testing.

Auguste Cryogenics has been building excellent tanks for the cryogenic storage of liquefied gases for decades now, and with the new Liquid Hydrogen Bulk Tank line, the company underlines their claim to build a better vessel every day.

Stay tuned for more information coming soon.